Tools & Knowledge

In our daily work, we find ourselves pioneering every now and then. On this page we provide an insight into our knowledge and tools, which we are happy to make available to everyone. Knowledge is only really valuable if you share it!

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Community living

The number of single-person households in the Netherlands is growing among both the young and the elderly. By thinking differently about owning and using the various aspects of living, a versatile and high-quality form of living remains affordable.

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Nature inclusive architecture

How to design for non-human residents? Together with the Vogelbescherming we developed tools to house birds, insects and bats in the built environment.

Our Whitepaper offers a step by step manual to show the potential of a building and what the specific housing requirements of the different species are.

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Floating homes

They are tailor-made, produce their own energy(or more!) and they float!

Based on industry standard, the client's personal wishes and the energy systems we developed a toolbox for the integral design of this unique way of living.

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Living in noise

How can you still achieve a pleasant living environment in an inner city where noise pollution plays a major role? As a designer, this requires acting at different scales. Our experience shows that noise pollution in residential environments can be effectively handled well.