In the Netherlands, access to green spaces and open areas is a major asset. The answer to current housing demand is therefore largely sought in urbanised areas. Close to existing facilities. Adding a comfortable living environment is at odds with existing (infrastructural) facilities with higher noise values. Noise pollution can be caused by wind turbines, industry, cars, trains and aeroplanes.

For us as designers, this requires insight and attention to ensure living and sleeping comfort. It is crucial to consider all scale levels, from the urban plan, the organisation of sleeping and outdoor spaces, among others, to the smallest detail, to maximise living comfort.

As a firm, we have gained extensive experience and demonstrated with practical examples that comfortable living in a noise-affected environment is very much possible. Examples include De Scheepmaker, 1828 Gouda and Het Nieuwe Noord, where we have effectively addressed noise pollution in residential environments, as Joeri discusses in his recent appearance with AT5 in Pakhuis de Zwijger (from 42:25).

AT5 in Pakhuis de Zwijger