The zoning plan for residential building 1828 Gouda became irrevocable in July. The finishing touches are currently being made to the building permit, which will be submitted shortly. Residential building 1828 Gouda is the first community living building on this scale in Gouda.

In line with the vision for the Spoorzone, VOA is designing residential building 1828 Gouda in an area transforming into a lively place for living work and recreation. The building contains 247 homes, including 215 studios (approx. 25m2) and 32 two-room dwellings (approx. 50m2). The 1828 community living concept has been implemented throughout the design, ensuring that future residents can live, work and relax together.

Developments in the Spoorzone area

Residential Building 1828 Gouda is part of the developments along the Gouda Spoorzone. The Spoorzone is an area to be developed that stretches from Gouda station to Harderwijkweg.

The buildings in the Spoorzone consist of solitary buildings with a clearly recognisable identity and a distinct silhouette. Residential building 1828 Gouda is part of this urban development series. The building form anticipates in scale and size the future Blokker location.

An important starting point for the design is to maintain the existing park-like setting of the Spoorpark. The design has given careful attention to landscape design to maintain this park-like setting.

main mass

accent for Gouda and Spoorzone

facade grid as all-sided architectural support

Urban integration

The urban volume emerges from the programme and the collective way of living in the building. The residential towers contain relatively compact dwellings connected by a collective plinth intended for meeting functions.

The tall tower forms a height accent towards the city and matches the height of the nearby buildings in the Blokker location. Because the tower is staggered in height, it creates an expressive and recognisable silhouette. The lower residential tower faces the "A1west" development area and relates in scale and size to the "Wonen in Goud" residential building.

An important starting point for the development area of residential building 1828 Gouda is to continue the park-like setting of the Spoorpark. In collaboration with landscape architect MXT, a design was created that anchors the plan to its surroundings.

Since the building components stagger in relation to each other - and are set back from the street - the landscape forms itself around the building, so to speak. Sunken stairs and a ramp cross this park-like strip situated in front of the building.

Part of the volume of the tall tower slides over this park-like strip and accentuates the position of the main entrance. Here, the park runs along the building as well as under it. The resulting canopy forms an inviting gesture to residents and visitors.

Urban integration

A clear façade structure

The building derives its unity and identity from the regular masonry façade grid. Within this façade structure, various interpretations can be recognised, such as the different types of housing, the built-over entrance area and, for instance, the pergola adjacent to the collective outdoor space.

typical floor

Tailor-made starter homes (concept 1828)

Designing residential buildings is a customised process. In the case of a community living building, the design process starts with recalibrating the residential programme. The basis is a compact and efficient dwelling supplemented by collective spaces and facilities. Which specific facilities there will be - and how they will be designed - is determined partly with the help of a housing panel. A housing panel consists of local house seekers aged between 18 and 28; the target group of 1828. After affordability and getting a home (at all), reducing loneliness proved to be an important issue for housing panel members.

community living

Co-living in Gouda

The higher volume houses mainly one-person houses.  The two-person houses are mainly located in the lower volume. The compact dwellings all have their own kitchen and bathroom. The double dwellings have, additionally, a separate bedroom. All residents of 1828 Gouda can make use of an extensive range of collective facilities which have been carefully compiled in consultation with the housing panel.

The collective programme (including the collective outdoor space) is designed to accommodate tranquillity and bustle. These facilities include shared parking facilities, shared laundry room, co-working spaces with rentable work and meeting rooms and call areas. The co-working spaces, which can also be rented by non-building residents, create a lively dynamic in the building during working hours.

Nature inclusiveness and sustainability

Residential Building 1828 Gouda was designed as a nature-inclusive building that takes into account local flora and fauna. The façade incorporates nesting facilities for various birds, insects and mammals. The landscape design provides shelter and food for animals and creates a vibrant vegetation-rich environment for people and animals. The building is energy-efficiently designed and uses dry coolers that allow heating and cooling.

Phase: construction preparation

The building permit is currently being drafted and will be submitted soon. Construction is scheduled to start in early 2024.


Joeri van Ommeren, Bob Spitz, Tsveta Ruseva, Fallon Walton, Filip Vusic, Clara Jansen
Mark van der Heide Urban Design, Peutz, EversPartners, KVMC
1828 Groep
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