Follow the sun from dawn till dusk. This energy neutral houseboat offers panoramic views across the Spaarne river and the nearby meadows. The zinc façade is alternated with aluminum, glass, steel and wood.

The design foresees in the unique wish list of our client; a list of ambitions that has made this floating villa a tailor-made suit to their preferred way of living.

The client wanted their home to produce more energy than it consumes. This is achieved by collecting solar energy using PV-panels on the roof, combined with a heat pump in the concrete hull that collects energy from the difference in water/indoor temperature: an endless natural stream of energy.

Furthermore, the aim was to establish different relationships with living near the water: waking up with your own private meadow view, reading in the sitting window, eating at the water level kitchen with 3.5 meter high ceilings, or relaxing on the terrace.

"The perspectives towards the surrounding landscape are truly mesmerizing. The architectural design proposes a unique program and viewpoint for each perspective. Standing in the kitchen, sitting in the window or relaxing on the sofa. This results in a one-of-a-kind house: living in and with nature."

Bob Spitz

Bob Spitz, architectural engineer


Joeri van Ommeren, Bob Spitz, Dion Nupoort
ABC arkenbouw
Eva Bloem
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