In collaboration with Thijs Asselbergs, we designed the urban development plan 'Havenkade' in Nijmegen.

Together with Rotterdam-based firms Jury! and Felixx Landscape Architects and Planners, we are responsible for the architectural and landscape design of this large housing project on the Nijmegen harbor.

Plan Havenkade is part of a larger revitalization of the Waalfront, in the existing Dijkkwartier. Havenkade consists of 325 homes of various sizes and typologies, with integrated facilities for cars and bicycles. A characteristic feature is the 22-storey tower on the quay. The project was commissioned by BPD and housing corporations Talis and Portaal and is being executed by Klokgroep in collaboration with Trebbe.



We are proud to be nominated for the 2022-2023 Architectuurprijs Nijmegen, organized by Architectuur Centrum Nijmegen (ACN). 

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The Havenkade project consists of 324 homes, in a diverse mix of social housing to a millionaires' penthouse. Two-thirds of the homes fall in the affordable segment: a unique achievement for this beautiful place.

Read all about the architecture of the social housing buildings we designed on the project page.


Joeri van Ommeren, Fallon Walton, Dion Nupoort
Nieman, Croes, Felixx
BPD,Talis, Portaal
Klok Groep / Trebbe
Eva Bloem / Paul Beckers
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